Naomi Graychase began her career at FamilyPC magazine, the country's first computer magazine for families, in 1994. That summer, her column, Postcards from the 'Net was picked up by The New York Times syndicate and distributed across North America.

In 1996, she moved to San Francisco where she became an assistant editor in the features department at PC/Computing magazine. In 1997, she left PC/Computing, which had a circulation over one million and a fantastic editorial staff that she adored, and began freelancing full-time.

Naomi specializes in research-driven features, profiles, and Web-specific content, but she also writes reviews, essays, poetry, and true short stories. She has written most extensively about technology, but has also covered sports, music, aviation, legal issues, independent art, and issues of particular interest to women. You can read a few clips here.

Her work has appeared in various large-circulation consumer magazines and newspapers, as well as on National Public Radio, The Oxygen Network, and other television and radio programs. She is a monthly contributor and columnist for First Glimpse (formerly CE Lifestyles), a consumer electronics magazine for women, and frequent contributor to the online publication, Wi-Fi where she covers developments and deployments of 802.11x wireless technologies. For five years, she was also Contributing Writer at Girlfriends magazine, the country's second-largest magazine for lesbian and bisexual women.

For two years (2003-2005), Naomi hosted and directed Sister Spit Northampton, a semi-monthly performance event, which drew hundreds of attendees at shows that featured art, music, poetry, and literature by some of the best independent female and transgender artists in North America. She founded SSN, obtained 501(c)3 status for the organization, and managed all operations including booking, fundraising, publicity, and volunteer coordination until she passed the torch in the spring of 2005 to Jessica Nappa-Siegel.

In the spring of 2005, Naomi completed her first book-length manuscript, a collection of true stories entitled, The Long-Awaited Time of Joy and Other True Stories.

You can read original versions of published stories, interview excerpts, and other special edition content here.

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