You must write your passions. Live your life not to write, but write about that which you have lived through, and loved, and learned from.--Jamaica Kincaid.

Naomi Graychase is a freelance journalist, aspiring author, and occasional poet. In her thirteen-year career, she has published more than 325 articles in outlets as varied as National Public Radio (where she read an essay about being homeless) and (where she was Gadget Diva in the late 1990s).

Just after the turn of the century, she spent two years reading her work in crowded (frequently filled to capacity) bars where the room would grow silent when she began and applause would ensue when she finished.

She grew up in rural Maine in the '70s and '80s, spent most of her twenties in San Francisco, and now makes her home in western Massachusetts. When she's not in her garden or at her computer, she is watching her favorite television shows, doing yoga, or griping about the lackadaisical drivers in her area. (She will never understand why so many of them unnecessarily yield their right of way.)

While freelance writing has been her primary endeavor, she also has experience as a speechwriter, event planner, activist/organizer, spokesperson, slam poet, content developer, editor, proofreader, and emcee. She is co-founder of Sister Spit Northampton, and of the Student Alumnae Coalition for Responsible Expansion and Development (SACRED).

Naomi recently completed her first book-length manuscript, a collection of true stories entitled, The Long-Awaited Time of Joy and Other True Stories.

You can write to her at

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